The Pharmasave Challenge

 Earn Points to Win Great Prizes!

As you explore the Virtual Buying Show you can earn points for completing specific tasks. The more tasks you perform, the more points you earn and the better your chances to win a prize. You can keep track of how many points you’ve earned and what position you are in on our Pharmasave Challenge Leaderboard.



1st Prize: $1,500 cash

2nd Prize: $1,000 cash

3rd Prize: $500 cash

Random Prizes: 20 x $25 Gift Cards



Earning Points

  • 10 Points – Early Registration (by March 22)
  • 10 Points for Q.1, 20 Points for Q.2 – Watch the Welcome Introduction Video and Update from the National CEO and answer the trivia questions correctly (see Schedule of Events)
  • 20 Points – Watch the 40th Anniversary Video and answer the trivia question correctly
    (see Schedule of Events) 20
  • 10 Points – Visit a Booth
  • 15 Points – Open documents or watch videos while in a booth
  • 20 Points – Initiate or engage in a chat with a vendor via video or text while in a booth
  • 25 Points – Achieve a Newbie Badge
  • 50 Points – Achieve a Skilled Badge
  • 75 Points – Achieve a Masters Badge



  • Points will be earned during the live show days May 5 & 6 (except for the early registration points which were earned if you registered by March 22)

Booth Visits

    • You must be in a booth for 10 seconds minimum
    • Points are earned on first visits only

Opening Documents

    • You must click on the document and stay there for 10 seconds

Chats – Engagement with Vendors or Pharmasavers

    • Video chats must be at least 2 minutes long
    • Can be impromptu or through a scheduled meeting within the platform
    • You can be added to an existing conversation and you must stay in that conversation for at least 2 minutes
    • Have a one-to-one chat through the messaging window and receive at least one response back from the person you messaged
    • Have a multiperson chat through the messaging window and receive at least one response back from all people within the chat group


As you play the game you can earn badges to show your progress. Extra points are given for each level you reach within three different categories.

Newbie Badge Skilled Badge Masters Badge
Explorer 25 booth visits 50 booth visits 75 booth visits
Detective 25 documents opened 50 documents opened 75 documents opened
Chatterbox 25 chats 50 chats 75 chats



The grand prizes will go to the top three point earners as of the end of the show on May 6 at 2:00pm Pacific time. In the case of a tie, all qualifying names will be put into a random draw. Winners will be contacted directly by May 14, 2021 and arrangements will be made for prize distribution.

During the live event days we will give away 20 x $25 gift cards based on a random list of preset criteria. We will give away ten cards per day. An example could be “the person ranked 243 as of noon on day 1”. Your name will be announced on the site during the event, as well, you will be notified by email after the show and gift cards will be sent within 5 working days after the show ends.



Click on the Leaderboard link at any time to see how you’re doing in the Challenge. The Leaderboard will show you the top 5 players and where you rank. It will also show you who is just in front and just behind you. It will also show you what badges you have earned.

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